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Sales Tax Forms

Note: Any sales form not listed here is considered a 'Controlled Document' meaning it must be preprinted for the user with a pre-established account number. If you know your account number you can request your forms online through our INBiz system by clicking the “Order Coupons” link. Include your account number, tax type, start date and end date for the periods needed. We will generate and mail the form(s) to you. Your account number and business information will be pre-printed on the form(s). 

  • If you do not have an account with the Indiana Department of Revenue, you need to complete your business registration online at INBiz.


Name State Form Number Instructions (PDF) Description File Type
AGQ-100 52108   Agricultural Equipment Exemption Usage Questionnaire pdf
DP-1 22917   Application for Direct Pay Authorization fill-in pdf
GA-110L 615   Claim for Refund fill-in pdf
GA-110LMP 24721   Claim for Refund - Sales Tax on Gasoline, Gasohol, & Special Fuel Dispensed through Stationary Metered Pumps in Indiana fill-in pdf
NP-20A 51064   Nonprofit Application for Sales Tax Exemption fill-in pdf
    MVR-103TEMP Instructions Motor Vehicle Rental Excise Tax Instructions pdf
SSTGB Form F0003     Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement Certificate of Exemption pdf
ST-103   ST-103 Instructions Sales and Use Tax Voucher // Instructions for completing Form ST-103 Sales Tax Vouchers and/or Electronic Funds Transfer Credit Recap Filing Status INtax
ST-103DR     Recap of Prepaid Sales Tax by Distributors (Replaced by Form GT-103DR, filed through INtax)  
ST-105 49065   Indiana General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate fill-in pdf
ST-105D 51520   Dealer-to-Dealer Resale Certificate of Sales Tax Exemption pdf
ST-107     Indiana Seven Percent Sales Chart pdf
ST-107FAB     County One Percent Food and Beverage Tax Chart
(including Indiana Seven Percent Sales Tax)
ST-107FAB(2)     County Two Percent Food and Beverage Tax Chart (including Indiana Seven Percent Sales Tax) pdf
ST-108 48842   Certificate of Gross Retail or Use Tax Paid fill-in pdf
ST-108A 53560   Certificate of Sales Tax Paid or Exemption for Auctions fill-in pdf
ST-108E 48841   Certificate of Gross Retail or Use Tax Exemption fill-in pdf
ST-108MH 35838   Certification of Sales of Manufactured Homes or Industrial Building Systems fill-in pdf
ST-108NR 52873   Certificate of Gross Retail or Use Tax Paid on the Purchase of a Motor Vehicle For a Nonresident fill-in pdf
ST-109     You must submit a form ST-200 to receive the form ST-109
ST-109NPG 56648   Indiana Utility Exemption Certificate fill-in pdf
ST-115 321   Consumer's Use Tax Return fill-in pdf
ST-137RV 52705   Affidavit of Exemption by a NONRESIDENT On the purchase of a Recreational Vehicle/Cargo Trailer fill-in pdf
Tax Comparison Chart     Sales Tax Rate Chart for RVs and Trailers html
ST-200 48843   Utility Sales Tax Exemption Application fill-in pdf
TF-103     Tire Fee Vouchers and/or Electronic Funds Transfer Credit Recap INtax

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