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Business Tax Forms

Name State Form Number Description File Type
BC-100 52038 Indiana Business Closure Request fill-in pdf
INBiz   Online Application to register with Indiana for sales tax, withholding tax, food & beverage tax, county innkeeper tax, motor vehicle rental excise tax, and gasoline use tax (GUT). N/A
BT-1   Business Tax Application fill-in pdf
BT-EX 55115 Business Exemption Application fill-in pdf
BT-1C 48515 Application for Consolidated Tax Filing Number fill-in pdf
GA-110L  615 Claim for Refund fill-in pdf
IDA-10/20 48770 Individual Development Account Tax Credit Application pdf
NGV-C 52829 Commercial Natural Gas Vehicle Credit Form fil-in pdf
POA-1 49357 Power of Attorney fill-in pdf
ROC-1 52039 Correct/Change of Responsible Officer Information fill-in pdf
TAO   The Indiana Tax Advocacy Office Procedures and Forms html
Tax Clearance 53227 Tax Clearance Form fill-in pdf
TSOL-1 55497 Truck Stop Owner's License Application fill-in pdf
USUT Registration Application 56039 Registration and filing requirements for Utility Services Use Tax (Effective July 1, 2006) fill-in pdf
USU-103 52709 Monthly return(s) for reporting Utility Services Use Tax (USUT) pdf
VDA-1 56462 Voluntary Disclosure Request fill-in pdf
Affidavit 42850 Affidavit for Lost or Not Received Warrant (Auditor of the State Form) pdf
WH-3   Annual Withholding Reconciliation Form (Must be submitted online through INTax) pdf

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