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EDI - Fuel Tax Electronic Initiatives

Fuel Tax Electronic Filing (FTEF) 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows customers to transmit electronic tax returns from their computer to the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR).  

EDI can accept: 

EDI Process

  1. Register – You may begin by downloading the Fuel Tax EDI Application form. The application outlines the general business rules employed by the DOR for Fuel Tax EDI program. After completing the application, sign and return it to DOR using regular mail or FAX for processing. The Fuel Tax EDI Implementation Guide describes the program details and provides the instructions required for program development.
  2. Receive account information – Applicants receive a unique file ID for file naming and the link to our secure upload page. DOR emails this to the applicant. Once registered, the applicant becomes a DOR trading partner (TP).
  3. Software selection – The TP must develop or purchase computer software that will create electronic filings in the prescribed EDI format (ANSI ASC X-12 Standards). The TP then will upload the file using DOR provided secure website. The web address is provided after receiving the completed EDI application form.

List of potential EDI software developers who have contacted DOR.

  1. Testing – Once the TP creates an electronic file, testing begins. During the testing period, the TP submits returns in both the paper and electronic formats. The electronic filings are then uploaded using the department's secure website.
  2. DOR then checks the electronic EDI return against the submitted paper return image for accuracy.
  3. Production Status – When the testing is complete, the TP will be granted Production-Status and the paper can be discontinued.

Following the file processing, an emailed acknowledgement is provided, that allows the customer to know the status of their electronic filing.

E-mail Contact: edifile@dor.in.gov

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