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New and Small Business Education Center

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) wants to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed in your business – because people like you bring jobs, innovation and progress to our state. We created the New and Small Business Education Center to help you better understand state laws, the tax-filing process, and what services are available to support you as your business evolves.

Business Registration with INBiz

DOR has partnered with several state agencies to create a streamlined process to help register and manage your business. INBiz is a one-stop portal that allows you to register your business with:

  • Department of Revenue - Registration is required for all tax types applicable to your business including Indiana retail sales, withholding, out-of-state sales, gasoline use taxes and metered pump sales, tire fees, fuel taxes, wireless prepaid fees, food and beverage taxes, county innkeeper's taxes, heavy vehicle rental tax and motor vehicle rental taxes (see Tax Types section for more information)
  • Secretary of State - Registration is required for formally organized businesses such as C corporations, S corporations, LLCs, nonprofits, LPs and LLPs
  • Department of Workforce Development - Registration is required for businesses with employees in order to pay state unemployment insurance premiums

DOR recommends using INBiz to register a new business because it's the simplest way to get started. 

Business Structure

Your specific tax requirements will depend on your business type and several other factors such as if you have employees, sell products and so on. Below, we've outlined the general registration requirements and tax obligations for the most common small business structures.

Tax Types

You will need to register for all tax types applicable to your business. See this chart for information on some of the most common tax types for new and small businesses. Please also see our calendar of tax filing deadlines to make sure you file on time. 

If you... Register for...
Sell products or tangible items Sales tax
Have employees Withholding tax
Sell food and beverages* Food and beverage tax
Rent accommodations for less than 30 days* County innkeeper's tax
Rent motor vehicles Motor vehicle rental tax
Distribute gasoline or special fuel Gasoline use tax
Sell tires Tire fee
Sell fireworks Safety fee

*In certain counties/municipalities, see our map of tax rates by county

Filing and Paying Taxes

DOR offers online filing and payment services for businesses. Please note, state law requires businesses to file and pay sales, withholding, alcohol, cigarette, other tobacco products and motor carrier fuel taxes electronically.

INtax is DOR's online business tax reporting and payment application, providing business taxpayers with direct access to business tax accounts, instant access to file and pay Indiana taxes, complete account history and more. With INtax, you can manage business tax obligations for sales tax, withholding tax, food and beverage tax, county innkeeper's tax and many more.

INTIME is DOR's new e-services portal which enables Hoosiers to manage their taxes in one convenient location 24/7. This platform is currently available for C corporations, nonprofits, partnerships, S corporations and more to manage their tax obligations. Additional business tax types will be available to file and pay through INTIME over the next three years.

Additional Resources

Running and succeeding in a new or small business is a dream, and a challenge. Understanding taxes is often one of the biggest challenges. DOR is here to help.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, mail or stop by in person at one of our district offices for additional assistance.

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