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Food and Beverage Tax


In some counties or municipalities, businesses that sell food and beverages must register for sales tax and food and beverage tax. Businesses that cater food and beverages must register to collect food and beverage tax in adopting jurisdictions into which they cater food and beverages.  Businesses that facilitate the sale of food and beverages must also register to collect food and beverage tax in all adopting jurisdictions from which they pick up the food and beverages.

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) provides the food and beverage tax rates for each county or municipality in the table below. You may also contact your county auditor’s office to learn if your county has this tax.

For more information on the food and beverage tax, you may call our business tax information line at (317) 233-4016.

You now have the ability to pay your Heavy Equipment Rental Excise Tax (HRT) and Food and Beverage Tax (FAB) using the ACH credit payment method. Check out the EFT-100 Program Information Guide to see how. You may also file and pay using your INtax account.


Alison and Jaime run a winery in Fort Wayne. The winery has a small café that allows customers to pair wines with appetizer-style foods. The winery employs 10 people to assist with the café and processing the grapes. Alison and Jaime will need to register their business for food and beverage tax, withholding tax and sales tax. Selling bottles of wine and food requires the company to register for sales tax; being in Allen County requires the company to collect a one percent food and beverage tax; and having employees requires the company to withhold taxes for employees' wages. The business will register with DOR to set up the proper tax accounts. And because they'll be selling alcohol, they will need to get a license from the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission

Food and Beverage Tax Guides

Area Code Tax Rate Effective Date
Allen County (02) 1% 07/01/86
Avon (3232C) 1% 07/01/05
Attica (2323A) 1% 11/01/19
Boone County (06) 1% 08/01/05
Brownsburg (3232A) 1% 08/01/95
Carmel (2929A) 1% 08/01/05
Cloverdale (67671) 1% 09/01/13
Danville (3232D) 1% 09/01/19
Delaware County (18) 1% 08/01/86
Greenwood (4141A) 1% 03/01/20
Hamilton County (29) 1% 08/01/05
Hancock County (30) 1% 08/01/05
Hendricks County (32) 1% 08/01/05
Henry County (33) 1% 10/01/87
Johnson County (41) 1% 08/01/05 (Collected on a county level except for Marketplace Facilitators)
Lebanon (0606B) 1% 11/01/05
Madison County (48) 1% 02/01/89
Marion County (49) 2% 07/01/05
Martinsville (5555A) 1% 07/01/05
Monroe County (53) 1% 02/01/18
Mooresville (5555) 1% 08/01/90
Nashville (0707) 1% 07/01/87
Noblesville (2929B) 1% 08/01/05
Orange County (Historic Hotel) (59591) 2% 07/01/15
Plainfield (3232B) 1% 08/01/95
Rockville (61611) 1% 09/01/15
Shelby County (73) 1% 08/01/05
Shipshewana (4444) 1% 07/01/90
Vanderburgh County (82) 1% 08/01/85
Vigo County (84) 1% 09/01/18
Westfield (2929C) 1% 09/01/05
Zionsville (0606A) 1% 11/01/05

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